Atmasandhi is an eclectic & colorful blend of music weaving together rich tapestry of far Eastern Indian Classical Music with vibrant Spanish Guitar, energetic Afro Cuban Rhythms and Drums. Together they create music that has a feel of rock with some swift guitar riffs, some folk sounds and some improvisations like jazz and is infused with sounds and rhythms of India. Atmasandhi is truly a beautiful fusion – a musical journey for the senses.

Atmasandhi was formed by Indian Classical Vocalist Kamini. Coming from a traditional Indian Classical background but having an urge to create something new and experiment with different sounds, Kamini created Atmasandhi to explore the world of music. Soon Sam Ortolano and Manohar Gurung joined to complete the World Music Band.


Atmasandhi World Music Band

These three musicians continue to create new songs and sounds everyday. All three of them are highly skilled and seasoned musician that come from a very different musical background but are able to focus on the music that they create seamlessly. Their songs are heavily influenced by Indian Classical elements as well as rhythmic Guitar riffs. Some songs have elements of improvisations bringing in  elements of Jazz music. Their songs are light and colorful and have a WOW factor. They flow like a stream but have an element of surprise that makes it very interesting and joyful for listeners.

Atmasandhi likes to go through a process of song creation- each song is carefully composed and consciously structured to make it sound interesting.

Kamini Natarajan

Kamini Natarajan

Atmasandhi’s lead singer is Kamini Natarajan: 
Kamini is a World Music Vocalist based in Los Angeles area. She likes to incorporate various ethnic sounds from different parts of the world into her music. She truly believe that music unites the entire world and brings us closer.

Kamini’s music flows from the spirit within. Through inspiration she weaves the intricacies of Eastern melody and rhythm with western harmony. Her journey of music was initiated by her mother Uma Natarajan , who is a trained Carnatic and Hindustani Indian Classical vocalist. Kamini spent over a decade to learn Indian classical music and won several national level awards in various competitions. She graduated in Vocal Hindustani music from Khairagarh University- India. Kamini is one of the youngest graded singers from All India Radio (national radio station of India) and Doordarshan( National TV channel of India).

She has performed at various venues in India and USA. Kamini’s versatility and deep knowledge in music allows her to easily sing and improvise over wide genres of music. She has collaborated with musicians of various music genres- from Rock to Persian ! Kamini’s music is spiritual and soulful, her rendition of Ragas creative and free flowing.

Sam Ortolano – Guitarist: 

Sam Ortolano

Sam Ortolano

Sam has been playing the guitar for almost a half century now, being a daily ritual that gives him the opportunity to have music fill his life.
Sam is a college-educated musician with a world of experience playing wide variety of styles, Rock, Jazz, Pop, Progressive Metal, Fusion, Classical.  But throughout his many musical journeys he has always had a love of World Music.  Shakti, Mahavishu Orchestra, Jevon Gasparian, Strunz and Farah, Eddie Palmeri, Middle Eastern Music, Indian Music have always given him much inspiration and influenced his development as a guitarist, helping to shape his playing style and technique.
Sam says “Collaborating with Kamini has opened up a universe that allows me to apply my many influences to the broad canvas that is Atmasandhi and in turn, play a major role in creating a unique and exciting new musical adventure.”


Manohar Gurung

Manohar Gurung

Manohar Gurung – World Percussions:

Manohar Gurung is a Himalayan percussionist and composer, whose work has blended the music of his homeland (Hindustani/Nepalese) with jazz fusion, funk , world music and Spiritual genres like Bhajan /KIRTAN /Sat Sang/Sufi , Gypsy Mr. Gurung is one of the most versatile multi-percussionists having immersed himself in percussion and drums from the globe, from Hindustani to The Fusion genre and from Nepalese to Latin.