Atmasandhi at The Mint

World Music Band Atmasandhi will be performing live at the Mint LA, Friday April 4/3/2020 at 8:15 PM !

$16 at the door
For Tickets: CLICK HERE
Be Ready to Experience a Riot of Auditory Sensations !

Atmasandhi is an eclectic & colorful blend of music weaving together rich tapestry of far Eastern Indian Classical Music with vibrant Spanish Guitar and energetic World Rhythms. Together they create music that has a feel of rock with some swift guitar riffs, some folk sounds and some improvisations like jazz and is infused with sounds and rhythms of India. Atmasandhi is truly a beautiful fusion – a musical journey for the senses.

Atmasandhi was formed by Indian Classical Vocalist Kamini. Coming from a traditional Indian Classical background but having an urge to create something new and experiment with different sounds, Kamini created Atmasandhi to explore the world of music. Soon Guitarist Sam Ortolano and World Percussionist Manohar Gurung joined to complete the World Music Band.

Line Up:
Kamini Natarajan: Vocals and Harmonium
Sam Ortolano: Guitars
Manohar Gurung: Percussions

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